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We connect experts with people who need them.

Be an Expert

We help experts like you monetize themselves.

What’s your thing*? Now you have a partner as you blow it up into a side hustle. We’ll connect you with people who are willing to pay for your hard-earned expertise. Because you’ve earned it.

*Everybody has at least 1 thing.

We help people get everything done. Better.

With Thing1, you have access to a nearly endless list of expertise. You pay for just the quick advice, info, or tips you need, when you need it. We call it micro consulting—for when you have a micro need without a macro budget.

Find an Expert

Get help with an almost endless list of Things:

Make more out of your Thing.

Whatever your thing is*, someone out there needs it. Now, with Thing1 you can connect with those people who need what you bring to the table. Schedule microconsultations on your own schedule, in as little as 15 minute increments. It’s the perfect way to build or grow a side hustle into a main squeeze.

Don’t think your Thing is valuable? TRY US. And signing up is free, so you have nothing to lose (except your future profits if you don’t).

*Everybody has at least 1 Thing.

  • Use Your Hard-Earned Expertise to Earn Revenue
  • Finally Start (or Grow) That Side Hustle
  • Set Your Own Schedule
  • Monetize Yourself
  • Profit

Hire a game-changing Thing1 expert.

  • Immediate Access to the Expertise You Need
  • Personalized Advice Instead of Generic Info
  • No More Wasting Time on Endless Google Searches
  • Get an Insider Expert’s Invaluable Perspective

With Thing1, you have instant access to an entire world of experts. Stop burning through your Rolodex for favors, or trolling Google endlessly for the single tip or trick you really need. Instead, find and hire a microconsultant with the kind of expertise that can be a game changer.

Small businesses needing a particular set of skills, big business needing to avoid big mistakes, or everyday people needing a quick chat with an expert—Thing1 delivers huge value in micro consultations.


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